Welcome to our dairy sheep farm. Our name, Les brebis sur le toit bleu, is an affectionate nod to Jean Cocteau and 1920s Paris. We have been developing our small herd of dairy sheep (Lacaune, East Friesian, Rideau Arcott crosses) for just over eight years now and are producing limited amounts of Pyrénées-style Tomme, a Coulomier-style soft cheese, blue cheese, a washed rind cheese and feta. All are traditional sheep milk cheeses.
It has been a wonderful experience learning about our animals, building our small milking parlour, cheesemaking and ageing rooms and making cheese!
It takes awhile to grow into those ears! The lambs above are just 24 hours old.
Our friend Brooke, an artist, with Karen in his Summer studio (part of our circa 1870 barn).